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The era of workplace perks is over - no one wants a free gym membership or free lunch if they have to deal with a passive-aggressive colleague or a negative working environment. Companies who want to cultivate employee loyalty need to value collective workplace relationships and culture if they're going to retain their workforce.

Knowing how to react in difficult situations, how to communicate and express your emotions are critical for culture and workplace relationships. But these things, and talking about emotions in general, let alone their value in the workplace, has often been overlooked because of the outdated notion that 'professionals should leave their feelings at the door'.

How employees feel at work, about work, and especially their ability to navigate emotions is directly connected to engagement, performance, retention and company success.

Our company workshops focus on building more authentic and connected relationships at work by bringing more emotional intelligence (EQ) to the workplace. Emotional intelligence is an absolute top skill for the working world of tomorrow. After all it's emotional intelligence that enables us to meet organisational change with an open mind, approach differences with empathy and see feedback as an opportunity to grow.

We help employees develop the core emotional and interpersonal skills essential to thrive in workplace:

Self awareness








We facilitate change in behaviour with structured self-reflection, practical content and tools that can be applied in life or at work.

We create measurable impact on:

Employee well-being

Workplace culture

Employee engagement

Employee retention

Importance of EQ in the workplace

Recent research indicates that EQ over IQ is a better predictor of success for teams and individuals in the workplace. Studies by Hays Group (HR Consultants) found that the commonality among top achievers of any company is their high degree of self-awareness and interpersonal skills. Google studies have also found that the most successful teams are not driven by the number of qualified people on the team but by how they support each other, share ideas and work together.

Get in touch

Connect with us so we can get to know your company, team and culture.

We want to understand your challenges and create a customised workshop based on your unique needs.

What can I expect in a workshop?

We use creative and unconventional ways to engage our participant's learning. From games, to drawing exercises to interactive discussions, self-reflection exercises and group activities that put content into practice. We want to bring content to life, make it fun and, most importantly, memorable. We believe in learning experiences and sharing content in a personalised way. For that reason, we don't use power-point presentations to facilitate information exchange.

We don't have a standard workshop offering because every team and workplace differs. We create tailored workshops based on the core emotional skills needed by your teams to thrive.

We ask business owners, HR managers, and team leads to connect with us personally so we can get to know your company, team and culture and identify the right topics for your organisation.

How many participants can you host for a workshop?

Our workshops are highly interactive, and we engage participants in a number of activities. That's why we have a maximum group size of 25 participants per workshop. We want our attendees to get the most out of the workshop, and our experience shows that smaller group sizes help people feel more comfortable participating.

We can be booked for keynote talks if you want to engage a larger number of people.

What is the duration of your workshops?

Our workshops vary from 2-5 hours long, depending on the number of topics covered and participants attending.

Are your workshops in-person or online?

Our workshops are held in person and adaptable for remote working teams.

What materials do participants receive post-workshop?

After the workshop, we provide a summary of what was covered in their workshop, allowing participants to go back to the relevant tools, resources and practices. Additionally, we share a number of additional resources, from books to podcasts, to support their development journey.

Who delivers the workshop?

Our workshops are facilitated by the Founder of Kindred People Georgia and her supporting team.

Where do you hold your in-person workshops?

Workshops are usually held in the office of our clients. The value of our workshops does not include an offsite rented space.

If you would like a workshop held outside your company premises, we can arrange this.

How much does a workshop cost?

Our workshops run for different durations and are customised to meet different needs and group sizes. We determine the value of our workshops after connecting with you individually to understand your company needs and the workshop that would be best suited to you.

Please reach out to us to set up a call -

How do you measure the success of your workshops?

We are committed to measuring the impact of our work on an ongoing basis. We survey participants before and after our workshops and one month after to gain insights on a broad array of outcomes related to well-being, resilience, culture and collaboration.

These insights give us clarity that our program remains relevant for companies and that we are creating a positive impact for our participants.

Impact surveys are anonymous and optional.