Kindred People is a personal development company dedicated to improving relationships, founded by life coach Georgia Grainger.

Relationships give us purpose and meaning, they bring us challenge and are one of the greatest opportunities for growth. It's my personal belief that the quality of our relationships reflects the quality of our life. And the mission of Kindred People is guided by this. I want to help people nurture more authentic and meaningful relationships (including the one with yourself) because that's what I believe truly leads to a more fullfilling life.

Having a good relationship with yourself is essential to your happiness, your success in other relationships and the way you interact with the world. And fostering and maintaining quality relationships also helps you live longer! However, living longer is not our motivation for starting Kindred People. We want people to lead more fulfilling lives, and relationships play a significant role.

Our resources, coaching and workshops help you build greater connection, understanding, and new ways to relate in your professional and personal relationships.

Georgia's passion for personal development is rooted in her upbringing

Growing up, I was heavily influenced by the world of personal development, thanks to my Mum. I remember at 10, being embarrassed because we were always in the self-help section of the book store. Fast forward to now - this is actually the cool section. It was those self-help books that kept my Mum sane while raising a child alone. So from an early age, my Mum shared with me the importance of gratitude, self love and mastering your mindset. And with our family consisting of only two people, my friends became my family, and these relationships became my world. For that reason, relationships have always been an important part of my life.

The first decade of my career was spent as a Fashion Buyer - travelling, negotiating and spending millions of euros for the largest online retailer in Europe. It was exciting and challenging, and I was good at it too. But once I had obtained a certain level of success, I realised that I was driven by the job title and not actually the job. What I enjoyed most was fostering the development and potential of my colleagues as professionals and individuals. Recognising this led me to pursue training as a Life Coach and eventually leave my corporate career.

Infusing my learnings of personal development, my corporate background, and my love for people, I have created Kindred People. A true expression of my passion that helps people nurture more authentic and meaningful relationships.