Dare to Be Curious is a playful way to have more meaningful conversations. Ignite your curiosity and make unexpected connections.

If you dare.

Available in English & German

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Dare to Be Curious Game - Deutsch

2-6 players

For groups or pairs- with friends, first dates, long-time partners, or even daring strangers.

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Cee Cee

"You can use it at home - think rainy Sunday afternoons on the sofa - or on long car journeys or holiday evenings with friends".

Nina Trippel Co Founder of Cee Cee


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Inspiration behind the game

A couple of years ago I decided to interview 500 people in pursuit of a creative project. For six months, I carried a journal with ten questions written on the first page. Whenever I met someone interesting, out came the journal. The questions asked about people’s values, identity, what inspired them and more. In the process, I met so many great people, had some fascinating conversations and experienced many warm and fuzzy moments. 

So I had the idea to bring 20 of the people I interviewed for a dinner party. But it was dinner with a twist - I put them into pairs and gave them a set of open-ended questions to chat over. The next day I woke up with so many heartfelt messages about how deeply they connected and how captivated they were by the conversation. The pandemic only increased my desire to turn that dinner party experience into something tangible - now we have Dare to Be Curious!

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What people are saying

"This game inspires you to tell stories you rarely tell but I love that it also teaches you to listen"


"Great for playing with partners. Dare to Be Curious recreates the kind of magic you have on a first date"


"Has given me insights into their lives of my family that I would have otherwise missed while living overseas"


"Starts some very interesting conversations and allows you to go deep very quickly"


"Dare to Be Curious asks some really unusual questions, and gets you reflecting in a very therapeutic way"


"Played the game at my co-working space. It allows you to get to know people beyond just their job titles"