The quality of our relationships reflects the quality of our lives

Our resources, coaching and workshops support you to create and nurture more meaningful relationships so you can lead a more fulfilling life

Kindred People was founded by life coach Georgia Grainger

Infusing my background as a life coach, my experience in the corporate world, and my love for people, I have created Kindred People.


Life coaching

The stories we tell, about ourselves, and about others – are directly connected to how we experience life and what we attract and achieve.

Humans naturally only invest energy into what we believe will produce results. Therefore, when we believe something is not going to work out – even unconsciously – we sabotage our potential by taking half-hearted action.

Our life coaching program helps people master their inner dialogue and create new belief systems aligned with the changes they want to see and the goals they want to achieve.

Relationships with friends


Friends hold a valuable role in our lives for our health, happiness and shaping who we are as people. While we pride ourselves on our large networks - it’s solid, authentic friendships that make you more sound, both physically and psychologically.

We run talks, workshops, and social events designed to bring people together to make new friends and discuss the importance and challenges of modern-day friendships.

Relationships at work

Workshops for companies

The era of workplace perks is over - no one wants a free gym membership or free lunch if they have to deal with a passive-aggressive colleague or a negative working environment. Companies who want to cultivate employee loyalty need to value collective workplace relationships and culture if they're going to retain their workforce.

Our company workshops facilitate new ways for employees to connect at work, build trust, collaborate, manage conflict and communicate more effectively.


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